About Megamouse

The Mega Mouse Launchpad is a unique ergonomic designed mousepad platform that conveniently attaches with Velcro to an armchair, wheelchair or even with some ingenuity, desktops and work stations.

The Launchpad gives the user relief from any repetitive motion stress syndrome that is associated with reaching for the mouse at the workstation. The most common of these is carpel tunnel affecting the bones and muscles of the hand to wrist but pain can extend along the whole length of the arm from the neck and shoulders through the elbows, the long bones of the arm and even the fingers. Another benefit of the Launchpad is that by sitting back in your chair you reduce the electromagnetic emissions being thrown off by the computer screen. Each time you double the distance away from the screen you reduce the emissions by a factor of four. This also aids in the reduction of eye strain. The dangers associated with Electromagnetic fields are still being discovered.

So sit back and relax pain free while your surfing the web, networking, playing video games, conducting business or any of the myriad things the computer allows us the freedom to do.

We do recommend the MegaMouse Launchpad be used in conjunction with a wireless mouse. We preferred the laser guided ones but the unit can be used with any mouse if the cord is long enough or an extender is used. You may have to reconfigure your work station slightly by raising or lowering your chair arm height, or keyboard position. The Launchpad comes with a 43 inch length of “One Wrap” Velcro that can be cut to fit almost any application. There are 5 easy to use built in slots for any chair application.You also receive a custom fit mousepad and mounting instructions.

The best placement is with a pull out keyboard and the launchpad adjusted to just float above the key board to its side. This allows your chair to continue to swivel effectively. Each desk top or computer placement will be unique but with a little bit of planning one can incorporate the Launchpad to fit. It will take a short while to become accustom to the new tool but with time you will wonder how you ever got along with out one. Reality is most home workstations are just thrown together and don’t provide enough ergonomics for extended use quickly causing fatigue and shortening the enjoyment one is seek from the web. Twelve years ago When I first started using a computer and reaching for my mouse on the desktop I was experiencing stressful pain in 15 minutes or less. Within months I was developing carpal tunnel and related symptoms. Now after having invented and developed the Launchpad I can use the computer for hours and not suffer at all. My enjoyment quotient continues to climb and yours can to.

The Launchpad has been tested by an independent laboratory and Doctors have given it a thumbs up. It is being used by major colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, school, industries, and governmental agencies to include the Department of Defense, the Agricultural Department, OSHA, the California Department of Fires as well as thousands of individual home users. Units have been shipped as far as the North Pole and Hawaii proving that it works in both hot or cold conditions. The units are ambidextrous and most importantly, no mice were harmed in the testing of this device.

We do offer a life time replacement if a unit were to fail under normal usage. S/H is not included.

Norm castle, Inventor


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